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Yet another and time for another video. The last of my so far planned series, it's Request time.

@drq It's been a while since you originally requested this but since I'm sort of re-doing things, here is "Magellan" by Farbrausch again. 🙂

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I should wear programming socks more often. Managed to code this in 1 hour :D
The jam version was synced to music, this isn't.

While trying to get the next right, I bumped into an issue. When capturing stuff originally made with a 4:3 aspect ratio, the system automatically adjust the image to fit on my 16:9 screen which messes up the pixels outputtet. Ideallly I want square pixels so no special aspect handling is required by the playback equipment.

Things are further complicated since videofiles are generally not great in handling screen resolution changes in the middle of the file, so the metadata gets out of whack and playback is messed up unless manually specified.

I'm mention this because I had two attempts this week that I had to trash because of this, and then spent a day or two trying to figure out a good way to handle it.

The good news is that I'm still on track to get it done for tomorrow, took me a bit too long to decide on the next one. 😃

I just noticed that I managed to misspell "Guille"s name as "Guile" in ARTS-003 outro.

This is particularly annoying since I know I spotted that and fixed it, just failed to put the fix out. Anyway, I'm correcting it now, just be aware that it will take a while before the caches expire and the new version becomes live.

I tried writing an about page for to sort of try explain what it is and the rationale of why and how it's set up the way it is.

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Hello Mastodon! And with this:

YES, IT'S HAPPENING! The #demoscene returns to the E Werk - Easter weekend, April 7-10.
Get the first bunch of information here:

It's and time for another release.

This time it's the first of featured @meteoriks winners, "Insight in an Unseizable World" by Cocoon. Winner of the High End Demo category in 2015.

Finally pieced together the url redirection service that I'm using for to make it easier to find stuff.

If you know the number, for instance Juice which is 002, you can go directly to the post using In addition "pouet-002" or "demozoo-002" will send you to the prods or page respectively.

Shortlinks to tags are also implementet, so enter a year to find prods released that year (i.e, or a party ( or a group (

This is obviously not extensive but only lists videos I have already released.

For you are using tools like the IPFS Companion Browser Extension or IPFS Desktop, DNSLinks are set up as subdomains. Use to check out the folder or to access the video directly.

I hope this made sense. As always, visibility boosting is encouraged :boost_requested:

Hey guys and happy new year!

Holiday times are over so as promised it's time to continue DemoARTS for real.

I got no feedback for the first post saying that this was terrible so I'll assume the setup was to everyones satisfaction and continue in the same style. 😀

Next one out is from the "Personal Corner" series, Juice by Psychic Link.

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@drq @FiXato @Truck Don't know if you missed the announement or too much otherwise going on but I'd be happy if you would take a look at this and share what you think. Consider december the beta month.

So after a lot of work, I've decided to push out the first video and well somewhere it's tecnically still 😀

Stuff seems to be working well I think, so why not. I won't have time for more releases so consider december as a beta of sorts.

First one out is 1995 by Kewlers & MFX as it was last time, but I doubt it will be exactly the same order as last time, for those who remember that.

Expect things to fail, break or just not exist 😅

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