Once again and it's time for yet another request.

This week it's "Mrs Escher's Nightmare" by ASD, requested a while back by @FiXato

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@brightside hmm, I'm actually not getting your site to load currently...

@FiXato Not the site at all? hmm, thats weird, let me check.

@brightside I've tried on Firefox Focus and Chrome on my Android phone, and the progress bar just gets stuck loading:

@FiXato No actually you were right. For some reasion it had messed with the IPv6 address and assigned itself a new one, without informing both the firewall and the DNS 😅

It's fixed now but it will probably take some time before DNS caches expire, if you have a local resolver an easy fix is restarting it so it grabs the correct IP, or if not you can load it by either temporarily disabling IPv6 (ugh) or by using the link https://[2a01:4f9:2a:fe00:9cce:58ff:fe9d:7632] (you'll get a SSL privacy warning, because using IP instead of domain)

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