@drq @FiXato @Truck Don't know if you missed the announement or too much otherwise going on but I'd be happy if you would take a look at this and share what you think. Consider december the beta month.

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@brightside @drq @FiXato

Well, for some reason, is not resolving here, and the other url's are ipfs, which I don't currently have set up here.

@Truck It doesn't? Well shoot, good thing I'm testing it then. Yeah, I attempted torrents in the beginning but the javascript requirements were massive so it turned out to be a waste. So I decided to run an IPFS node instead combined with an http gateway. I'll investigatenit, thanks. @FiXato @drq

@Truck @FiXato @drq You know what, I did some sanity checks and realized that I'm still using the a few of my oldstyle config templates which resulted in IPv6 working fine, but completely broke IPv4. This would explain some oddities 🤔 Anyway, it should be fixed now

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