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It's and time for another release.

Next up is the fantastic "You should" by Haujobb.

The eagle-eyed sceners might spot that I had fiddled with the system time a tiny bit on this one. Also there is supposedly exist a "final" version of this somewhere, but is seems the demo is sadly unreleased.

Since it's almost time for the next cycle I thought I would try out the "Request for Demos" post again. Basically inviting people to request a production to be released in a months time.

With any luck, this will be a success and I can make this a monthly thing.

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Next is up this lovely .

Time for another laureate. Winner of the Best Demo Graphics category in 2015 was "Observatory" by Coccon

I made a new blog post.

Please consider becoming a member of if you support the work and super-please make a if you have something you would like to see published.

It's and time for yet another video.

This time from my Personal Corner and favorite, it's "Robotnik" by Rage. From an era when 3D was hot but still mostly done in software.

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We had fun at tonight's show, hope you too!
Our nominations are now up for everyone to marvel over at - congratulations to all the nominees!

It''s time to get your on and another entry in the

Coming to you this week is "47'111.0" by Faktory.

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Our jurors have spoken - and so did YOU! Thanks to everyone who handed in their recommendations; see you at @demonights 's MountainBytes Demoparty next on February 24th, where we are going to reveal the nominees for the best productions of 2022, and bring you an extra long showing of all productions afterwards!

Once again and it's time for yet another request.

This week it's "Mrs Escher's Nightmare" by ASD, requested a while back by @FiXato

and once again another winner is queued up.

This week it' is "The Timeless" by Mercury who grabbed both the High-End Intro and Public Choice back in 2015.

(Apologies for the slight late release this week, lagre data transfers between several disks kept my system ofline for an extended time)

It appears that Arc drivers and stuff made with the Werkkzeug tool is not really compatible with graphical artifacts and distorted textures. 😭

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Today is the last day to recommend your favourite prods for a Meteoriks Award! Head over to Pouet or Demozoo and make sure your voice gets heard, #demoscene!

It's and once again time for a release.

Next up in my personal corner is the wonderful "We are" by LNX.


It's o'clock and time for another entry in the

This weeks production is "Fiat Homo" by Traction.

Noticed the Spaceballs invitation for Revision 2023 is out. Wondering if I should try getting current events as demoarts releases, in an out-of-band fashion. Good idea or no point? 🤔

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